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Why is Elsie Arntzen advocating for school privatization?!

Where's Montana Superintendent of Public Education Elsie Arntzen today? She's attending an ALEC conference in Arizona and promoting the privatization of our schools.

What's wrong with this picture?

Jeanna Allen is the CEO of a corporate-backed special interest group focused on selling off our schools so private companies can make a buck. Even worse, ALEC is a corporate bill mill, which consistently churns out anti-public education legislation and propaganda.

Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen should know that Montanans do not want to sell off our public schools and privatize our system. We can not afford to funnel scarce public resources to private, for-profit institutions which is exactly what organizations like ALEC and the Center for Education Reform want to do. 

Let’s support our students, teachers and communities by working together to ensure that they all have the resources needed to build a strong Montana for everyone. Let’s NOT get in bed with those who would want to profit off our students, teachers, and communities and would leave the most vulnerable behind. 


  1. Call 406-444-3095 ext. 5 and tell Superintendent Arntzen you want her to support public education, not for-profit corporations.

  2. Sign our petition

  3. Donate so we can keep fighting to keep education public in Montana

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