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The first week of the 2023 Legislative session is behind us and support for public education is enjoying the honeymoon period.

House Education has heard four (good) bills and none had any opponents. The most important, HB15 to “Implement K-12 Inflation,” was heard Monday. This is the bill that provides basic funding for our public schools and several proponents spoke of their appreciation for the early introduction of HB15 so that school districts could plan their budgets. There have been sessions when the school funding bill was not a priority.

It was a brief hearing and should move along quickly in the process. We will keep you posted.

Montana's 67th Legislative Assembly is well underway, and the House and Senate are full of elected officials who wish to privatize our public school system, publicly fund private charter schools, provide vouchers, scale back public services that assist our most vulnerable students, and decrease support for our public school educators.

Public education is the cornerstone of every Montana community and every child is entitled to a thriving public school. Diverting public money to private for-profit institutions starves public schools of vital resources.

We, like most Montanans, firmly believe public funds belong in public schools, which are open to all children, governed by a locally elected school board, and accountable to the Board of Public Education.

Join us in urging the Montana State Legislature to protect our public schools.

Governor Greg Gianforte recently released his updated vaccination plan, which removes teachers, school employees, and other front-line workers from being prioritized for the COVID vaccine in the coming weeks.

This decision is bad for schools, bad for public health, and bad for the thousands of heroic Montanans who have risked their own personal health and safety to keep our schools open and our economy moving.

Sign the petition today to urge Governor Gianforte to review and revise his updated vaccination rollout plan.

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