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When Montanans Organized for Education was founded in the fall of 2019, our goal was to protect public education by advocating for necessary funding and services and fighting those who would funnel our scarce public resources to unaccountable, for-profit institutions. Unfortunately, it became obvious in the fall of 2021 and early 2022 that we would need to do much more to push back on the extremist groups that were working to undermine confidence in our public schools.

Therefore, we started a Political Action Group to support pro-education candidates first for school board trustee positions and then for the state legislature.

Despite a late start, we had great success in the 2022 school board elections, but we can’t stop. We need to begin NOW to recruit and support pro-education candidates for the 2023 school board elections in May. Several school districts have already reached out to us asking for help; we can’t let our students down.

If you are as concerned as we are about the takeover of our schools by a loud and well-funded minority, please consider a donation to MOFE PAC. The fastest way to turn “The Last Best Place” into the “First Worst Place” is to destroy our public education system.

Thank you.

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