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What do DeVos, Arntzen, and Gianforte all have in common?

Spoiler: they all want to privatize public education in Montana.

What is "school choice"? Don't be fooled. “School choice” is a catch-all phrase that covers a variety of efforts to privatize public education. The "school choice" movement has been around for decades, trying to expand its reach school district state by state.[1]

School Choice = School Privatization

Using public funds to support for-profit private schools undermines the public school system, which educates the majority of Montana's children, and that it's ultimately aimed at privatizing the most important civic institution in the country.[2]

Betsy DeVos is a huge advocate of school privatization.[3] But did you know Superintendent of Public Education Elsie Arntzen also supports school privatization?[4] So does U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte.[5]

So, what can we do to support and protect Montana's public schools?

  1. Call Elsie Artntzen and tell her to end her support of school privatization: 406-444-5643

  2. Call Greg Gianforte: 202-225-3211

  3. Sign our petition

  4. Donate to Montanans Organized for Education and help us hold school privatization advocates accountable

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