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Keep DeVos away from our Montana schools

Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to sell off our public schools to corporations that want to run for-profit charter institutions that have no accountability. So, why is Montana's Superintendent of Public Schools teaming-up with her?

Montana's constitution is crystal clear when it comes to protecting PUBLIC education, but last week our Superintendent of Public Instruction was bragging about hanging out with Secretary DeVos at a high-profile ALEC conference in Arizona.

That's just not right!

This isn't the first time Artnzen has shown us what her priorities are when it comes to public education. During the 2019 legislative session, Superintendent Arntzen attended a school privatization rally! Even worse, she gave a speech!

Now, more than ever, we MUST protect our public schools from privatization schemes.

Will you sign our petition to Superintendent Arntzen?

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