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$1 billion wasted on scam charter schools

The Washington Post recently reported on an analysis by the Network for Public Education that revealed a shocking waste of taxpayer dollars being given to charter schools that closed or never even opened.

The Charter School Program has been in operation for almost a quarter of a century but the report, “Asleep at the Wheel,” could only investigate data from 2006-2014 because there was no oversight in the earlier years of the program.

It is estimated that $1 billion has been wasted over the life of the program.

And who has benefited and continues to benefit from this program despite warning signs: Betsy DeVos whose home state of Michigan ranked among the highest in grants received for schools that either quickly closed or never opened.

We are proud that Montana does not make this infamous list of wasted taxpayer dollars because we know that charter schools don’t work for Montana.

But for-profit institutions want to come here and the US Secretary of Education and our current Superintendent of PUBLIC Education think that would be just fine.

And then take action by signing our petition or making a small donation.

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