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October 1, 2019

(MONTANA) - Today Representative Moffie Funk announced the formation of Montanans Organized for Education (MOFE) Action Fund. The organization’s primary purpose is to defend the interests of Montana students and the Montana Constitution by opposing school privatization in Big Sky Country.

Specifically, MOFE is dedicated to 

  • Opposing the privatization of public schools

  • Opposing public dollars being used to fund private for-profit schools

  • Supporting adequate investments in public education

  • Supporting publicly funded public pre-k

  • Supporting investments in educator attraction and retention

“Montana’s commitment to public education has always been strong. Unfortunately, special interests from both inside and outside Montana are pouring cash into our state in an attempt to privatize our schools. Why? Because they see our kids and our schools as commodities that should be sold off to the highest bidder,” said Representative Moffie Funk, Executive Director of MOFE. “It’s our intention to draw a line in the sand on this issue before Montana becomes like so many other states whose public schools have been scrapped and sold for parts.”

In recent years, Montana has seen a surge in lobbying pressure from special interest groups touting so-called “school choice,” a term which masks a reckless agenda aimed at diverting public dollars to for-profit schools and institutions.

In addition to Representative Moffie Funk, the MOFE’s Board of Directors includes 

Jack Copps, Retired Educator and Superintendent

Lisa Cordingley, Helena Education Foundation Executive Director

Amanda Curtis, Educator and former State Representative 

John Heenan, Attorney 

Jesse Laslovich, Attorney

Jill Laslovich, Attorney

Clara McRae, Student

Dennis Parman, Montana Rural Education Association Executive Director

Amanda Penley, Student

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